ups & downs.

2013 has been testing me. Between the rejections and the uncertainty, everyday has been a struggle. A struggle to get up and face whatever is coming my way. A struggle to believe things will all turn out alright. A struggle to believe everything happens for a reason. I hope my dreams aren’t completely crushed this […]

22 before 23.

It’s a little over a month until my 22nd birthday, but I’ve decided to lay out my goals for my 22nd year of life now.  1. Graduate magna cum laude.2. Get into grad school.3. Move out of the state (entirely dependent on #2)4. Read 5 books.5. Rid myself of most of my unneeded material possessions […]

little bear.

My name is Carly. I’m 21 years of age & just starting my last semester of my undergraduate career. I’m majoring in my life passion – linguistics – and am hoping to continue this study next year at grad school. I’m currently in the dreaded waiting period to see if I have been accepted into […]