22 before 23.

It’s a little over a month until my 22nd birthday, but I’ve decided to lay out my goals for my 22nd year of life now. 

1. Graduate magna cum laude.
2. Get into grad school.
3. Move out of the state (entirely dependent on #2)
4. Read 5 books.
5. Rid myself of most of my unneeded material possessions before moving.
6. Beat 3 video games. 
7. Take 1 second of video every day of the year.
8. Brush up on my French.
9. Road trip out west.
10. Lose 10 pounds.
11. Finish my Canadian French research.
12. Present at a conference.
13. Buy a record player.
14. Completely re-do my personal style.
15. Attend a music festival.
16. Be happier.
17. Stop biting my nails.
18. Be more considerate of others.
19. Learn how to cook one new thing.
20. Be healthier.
21. Continue drawing.
22. Celebrate my 23rd birthday happy with where I am and what I’m doing.